10 A.W.E.S.O.M.E Things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town is a peaceful South African destination with lots of cozy resorts and tranquil white sand beaches. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon getaway that delivers at all levels or a holiday gem, it will make your dream come true with its endless list of sensational adventures. Here are some that can't be missed...

This place will capture your heart with fascinating sights of native plant life that dominate South African countries. It started out as a farm over 100 years back and also features a collection of 1054 species of shrubs, fynbos, a forest and a colourful flower garden that radiates with enchanting fragrances. It is tranquil and well maintained. There are lots of botanists constantly working on improving it.
 It is found on the eastern foot of Table mountain and touring it costs only R70(roughly 20,000UGX). Its scenery is dramatic and fun to tour thanks to the good network of well maintained trails that snake through them. Kirstenbosch features a cultivated garden and a nature reserve that is spread over a  528 hectares estate.  It's fertile soils rest upon an ancient bedrock formed around 560 to 540 million years ago.  
In short, Kirstenbosch is a perfect place for nature lovers wanting to enjoy a day out in a beautiful setting. Don't forget your picnic basket if you are after a romantic day out. Alternatively, you can have lunch at the restaurant within the main building. 
You need at least a full day to be able to take in all its glorius beauty. It has 29 main exhibition arenas, each designed into a very inviting setting. My favourite five were: 1. Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway. This attraction is shaped like a boomslang and raised over trees of the Arboretum, with panoramic views of the entire garden. It offers excellent views of Cape Town's skyline  and mansions of "who is who" in South Africa. 2. Protea Garden displays some.....read more
This is the isolated Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for over 18 years during the bygone apartheid times. Like him, many of the 5,000+ indegenious political prisoners who were jailed here faced the wrath of Government for fighting oppression and racism.
The guides here are former political prisoners. They saw it all and still vividly remember the twists and turns that took place on the island. In their words, victims were subjected to extreme brutalities that left most of them impaired in one way or another. Alas! Not all prisoners made it out of the island alive. Several were killed in cold blood and buried in a cementary which then was enveloped by a thick jungle. 
During your visit, you will be astonished by the items that were used by the prisoners. They have been preserved so well. For instance in Mandela's jail room, you will find metalic utensils he used to dine with. There is also a mat where he used to sleep--with little hope for freedom. The entire tour costs R360(roughly 93,000UGX). This also covers up for the ferry cruise to and fro the Island from V&A waterfront.
3.Cape Wheel
The Cape Wheel will enchant your honeymoon with its relaxed way of unveiling stunning views of V & A, the adventure hub of Cape Town. It(V&A) is a hive of so many activities from boat cruises to sea food restaurants and anything inbetween. Everyone gets a window seat during the wheel ride and can see everything from any seat. The windows are huge. If its your lucky day, you might spot a couple of whales swimming in the ocean. Costs R130 per person (roughly 33,000UGX)
4. Maboneng township art experience
During this tour, locals welcome you into their homes and share with you traditions and cultures that have been passed down through generations. How they cook local cuisine, how they decorate their ceremonial clothes and how they celebrate bumpy harvests with energetic dances and music. You dont just sit back and wash.You are free to join in the fun and feel the pulse of what they are doing. 
Culture aside, Maboneng is public arts initiative that turns homes in townships into galleries and outdoor spaces into performance arenas. This tour solves the problem of the artist looking for space, the family looking for work and the township looking for its place. Since its inception 10 years back, the fun and enlightening experience works with over 40 homes, each with an artist at least one artist. Creativity and orginality is at the heart of everything they do. The A-Z about the experience is available on https://www.maboneng.com
Table Mountain National Park has all it takes to awaken all your senses, that is why it attracts over 1M tourists annually. It is nature's wonder.....so beautiful, vast and high in the clouds, away from the bustle of day to day life.  In no exaggeration, it is a dream-come-true destination for honeymoon and vacation.
Due to its expansive size, it is the most prominent landmark of Cape Town. You will see it no matter where you are.
The Mountain's biggest highlight is a five minute cable car ride that starts its foot leading to its summit. From here, you will have unmatched panoramic views of both the Indian and Atlantic oceans and feel their relaxing breeze. You will also indulge in views of iconic sights such as sorrounding mountains and a harbour where ships and yatches dock. The bonus is a mix of mansions and sky scrapers that have earned Cape Town a special place on the list if the most affluent cities in the World. From a far, they seem rather short. It is until yo have beheld them through a binoculars that you can appreciate their imposing state.  
As the cars gently glide to the station atop the mountain, their floor keeps rotating 360 degrees. This enables everyone to enjoy views of the city and surrounding coasts. In addition to being safe and relatively new, each can comfortably accommodate over 20 people. The ride costs $150 for a one way journey. This fee also covers for nature walks, hiking excursions and a full day stay at the park.
At the top, you will find a souvenir shop where you can buy hand made items that are crafted with attention to detail. Next to the shop is a fully fledged restaurant where you can have a soothing cup of south African coffee as you listen to the soothing calls of birds to which the park is home. Such include Orange breasted Sunbird, Speckled pigeon and Cape Robin-chart. If birdwatching makes you happy, Table Mountain has 33 recorded bird species, most of which are so good at carmouflaging with rocks and vegetation. Tag along with a binoculars for a productive birdwatching excursion. 
One of the pleasant surprises here is running into dassie's, a type or rodent related to an elephant. Funny though, it is over 99 times smaller than an elephant. 
 If you love hiking, Table Mountain is a perfect destination to stretch your muscles...
6.White sand Beaches
In Cape Town, life is a beach! There is something for every budget regardless of whether you after top notch luxury or affordable beaches that are immensely gifted by nature. The best time to go swimming is afternoon when the water is much warm compared to morning hours.  If its summer, you will see gorgeous sunsets dip below the horizon and light the scene extraordinaire.
Most beaches are sheltered from strong winds by natural barriers such as mountain ranges. What's more, they are free of venomous creatures, very cozy and well developed to international standards. You will be forgiven for thinking you are in United States as opposed to Africa when you visit one of them. Here are the top five in my opinion...Muizenberg Beach, Camp's Bay Beach, Fish Hoek Beach, Boulders Beach, Scarborough Beach.
Travel tip
Finding convinient space for parking cars is quite a challenge due to the huge influx of tourists. You are better off using Uber. 
7.Two Oceans Helicopter Tour
No words can describe this experience to satisfaction, it is a phenomenal experience from start to finish. Among the companies that offer it is Sport Helicopters and Cape Town Helicopters.Their fleet comprise of planes like R44 Raven II and Clipper II helicopters, Airbus H 130, and Airbus H 120. The one thing that all these planes share in common is that they are light and quiet. 
The pilots are very knowledgeable and eloquent when it comes to explaining historical events that have shaped Cape Town's present. They are also well versed with information about how different Geographical features in the area were formed. On the otherhand, the helicopeters are equipped with heat and air conditioning to help you relax and enjoy the ride no matter the weather. The planes mostly takes off from V&A Waterfront at Sport Helicopter's helipad. 
Among the places you will visit include the shores of Atlantic coastline, a vast area with endless stretches of white sand beaches and mansions of South Africa's A-list celebrities. You will also marvel at over Chapman's Peak drive and Constantia Wine Valley, Cape Town's oldest vineyard(over 300 years). Other landmarks to brace yourself for include Green Point Stadium,  Green Point Lighthouse and Table Mountain. The tour costs R2,475 Per person and can be booked online. That's roughly 650,000UGX
A visit to Cape Town is incomplete without a tour of a legendary winery/wine farm where some of the world's most glorified brands are made. One such is Groot Constantia, a wine farm famed to for making wines that untouchables of the previous centuries were addicted to, inclusive of Napoleon Bonaparte. Having been founded in 1685, it is South Africa's oldest Wine producing estate.
The adventure here starts with a guided tour of the vineyards and climaxes with wine tasting of a good variety. It is such a grape sweet experience full of light bulb moments.
This is the fastest and most cost effective way of seeing Cape Town's unmissable sights and sounds. As opposed to having a guide do the story telling, there is an eloquent commentary that plays as the bus journeys through the different attractions. It gives a pretty good overview of the city and effortlessly makes you fall in love with it.  
There are two options of buses each of which run different routes very frequently through-out the day. These are the Blue bus and red bus, as priced at R200 and R395 respectively. While the red bus offers short trips around the Cape Peninsula, an area with lots of eye-catching scenery and historic interest. The blue bus travels outside the city with stopovers at key attractions of Cape Town. These range from Kirstenboch National Botanical Gardens, Groot Constantia wine estate, World of Birds and animal sanctuary, Inzama Yethu township tours, Cape Wheel, Springbok rugby experience, canal cruise.  
This is a "MUST DO" if you love adrenaline rush. It look a bit scary but it is safe thanks to the expertise of the crew. That aside, they only use equipment that is approved by Civil Aviation Authority. It starts with a take off from the peak of ahill known as lion's head, not so far from Table Mountain. The tour lasts about 10minutes and ends with a smooth landing at Camps Bay. 
Safety is given ample priority. The adventure starts with a briefing about the Dos and Don'ts after which one is fitted with harnesses and helmets. The take off is easy. It entails running towards the edge of the peak before jumping off once the parachute is up. The flight down over the city is usually gentle and calm. It is such a treat to see the town's magnificent sites from a birds eye view.
How to get there
Cape Town is found in South West of South Africa. Its two hours flight away from O.R Rambo, South Africa's main International Airport. You can't fail to find to find a plane headed there, its the biggest and busiest airport in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you desire for highly discounted flights, South African Airways is quite accommodative as they are a national carrier.
Where to stay
The best way to discover Cape Town's best kept secrets is by having a healthy exchange of ideas with those to whom it is home, Capetonians. Typically, they have a warm personality and love hosting travellers to their homes. To make your pick, you can visit Airbnb's guide to Cape Town. It features a wide selection of fancy homes to chose from.

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