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White Water Rafting on River Nile’s rapids

This adventure is electrifying, fun and safe. Never gone rafting before? Never been on the thunderous rapids of River Nile? No problem! Our crew makes it possible to make a start, with brilliant instructors and good quality rafting equipment. From the word go, you will feel safe as attention to safety is excellent.. The instructors are hilarious. They will make you laugh so hard, thereby easing the fear that adrenaline rush brings. They are passionate about this sport and ensure you comfortable throughout.

The adventure starts off on a calm stretch of the Nile, roughly 15 kilometers from its source. Here, you will be psychologically prepared for the adventure. You will also be trained on how to counter any challenge that comes your way. Better still, a safety crew will kayak along throughout the adventure to rescue you whenever your boat flips.

After the briefing, you will paddle and drift with the current to downstream where you will confront rapids ranging from grade 6 to grade 1, as spread over a stretch of 20 kilometers. Along the way, you will meet small beautiful Islands with dense tropical forests. So green and radiant with lots of birds that prey on fish, especially kingfishers. Our photography team will be positioned at different parts of the river to capture all the unforgettable moments that will come your way.





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