Destination Weddings at Lake Victoria's Serena Golf Resort & Spa

Situated at a tranquil shore of Africa's biggest freshwater Lake, Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa, is renowned for arranging not just weddings but indeed lifetime experiences!! Wedding catering menus are customizable according to budget, but better still, if you want a Special Wedding Package, it is costed at UGX 85,000/= per guest.

 There are group rates for wedding attendees staying at the hotel. The reception venues are of the following capacities, respectively.

1. Coliseum Gardens (max. 1,000 guests)-costs 3,000,000/= per day. 2. Pool Gardens (max. 300 guests)-costs 2,000,000/= per day. 3. Kalanaga Hall (max. 180 guests)-costs 1,500,000/= per day. For extra details, see below this page.

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Extra details


We provide a wide range of Beverages to suit your taste and class:-

One bottle of Soda or Water - UGX 3,500/=

One bottle of Beer - UGX 8,000/=

One bottle of imported beer - UGX 12,000/=

One glass of Fresh Juice - UGX 10,000/=

The Special wedding package includes

1. Chairs, Tables and white chair cover

2. One Soft Drink Per person i.e. Soda or Water

3. Bridal Pictures to be taken in our Gardens

4. Complimentary Accommodation for one night for the couple

5. A Changing Room for Day Use.

6. Breakfast served in the Room

7. Three Course Buffet of your choice, from the given Menus on confirmation.

8. Special Accommodation rate of $160 with breakfast per night, Single and $180 with breakfast per night, double to the Couples’ guests

9. Kindly note package applies for bookings of guests between 100 – 1000.

You are requested to provide the following:





 All prices are inclusive of taxes!

NB. Please be advised all wedding functions end strictly by 12:00am

For Reservations please contact 

Ms. Jacqueline Nyakairu 

Banquets Manager 

Mobile +256- 751-705558 or 0417121000 Ext 300


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