Destination Weddings Vs Traditional Weddings

Fast forward, destination weddings serve the same purpose as normal wedding except that they are much more enchanting. Its when a couple opts to have their wedding at a holiday getaway from home. A destination wedding could also mean one of the parties leaving their country to have the wedding in their spouse’s country of origin.
While this trend has been around for a long time, it wasn't until 2016 that a couple of Ugandans started to embrace it. This was upon the realisation that it's not as expensive as it looks.  It is more cost-effective than a traditional wedding considering that it requires a reception venue that can double as a setting for both the religious part of the wedding and the after party. Because it entails travelling, guests are few because not everyone can afford to travel to a distant place.
Today, Destination weddings have become the in-thing among couples who want a small and intimate function at an exotic place. If you love travelling and want unique photos at your favourite beach or national park with a warm atmosphere, this trend deserves a top place on your I-do list. Here is a list of top ugandan venues with astonishing views for destination wedding
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