A fun horseback riding experience at the shores of River Nile awaits you

If you love horse rides, this experience is worth a top spot on your bucket-list. It takes place at a beautiful countryside by the banks of the world's longest river, Nile. The horses were lovely natured. As is typical of horses, they do have a mind of their own & need firm control. In contrast, the kids horses are The kids horses are docile and co-operative. You don't need prior experience to be able to rock this adventure. The guides are patient and will happily teach you how to safely canter and gallop. 

Even better, the guides are really enthusiastic about their job and know how to fire up their mood. They have a great balance of letting you just ride in peace to enjoy the experience, ensuring you are comfortable. The trails start out easy enough, on flat surfaces, but then graduate to climbs and descents on what appeared to be very-close-to-the-edge paths. The route is enchanting, and will give you plenty of time to feel the harmony and pristine state of a typical Ugandan village. The trip will also treat you to lovely sights of well thatched huts of locals.  
If you love riding fast, there is an open field where you can trot or canter without any interruption.
In the interest of safety, you will be provided with helmets and suitable wind-and rainproof gear if your need it, assuming it is a rainy season. 



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