Hot air balloon safaris

hot air balloon tour in drakensberg

There are two main things Drakensberg is known for, for having the highest mountain in South Africa, and for having an inviting natural beauty thanks to its diverse plant life. There is no cozier way of absorbing all this beauty than by going for a hot air balloon tour. The good news is that it’s the low peak tourism season and most agencies have slashed their rates by almost half. If you are an adult, a 40 minutes ride will cost you an average of R2300. Children are charged roughly R1200. For details and recommendations of hot air balloon agencies, South African Tourism is just a click away.

To reduce risk of accidents brought about by erratic wind speeds to almost zero, you will set off very early at 6:00am in the morning when the winds were still calm and therefore does not rush the flight. 
To flag of the adventure, the balloon is laid out flat and stretched out as much as possible. An inflator is then placed at the neck and the balloon starts to fill up with air before the basket is attached to the envelope and the burner secured is place. Once the envelope is full, the passengers make their way into a luxurious, over-sized basket career which has plenty of room to allow everyone to enjoy the flight. When all the weight is fully balanced, the balloon is cut lose from the ropes holding it to ground. 

Unlike an airplane flight where the pilot is in total control of the direction the plane takes, the direction of the flight in a hot air balloon depends entirely on the direction in which the wind blows. The only movement the pilot can control is either the ascension or downward movement of the balloon.
 The tour will unveil to you splendors one would never see during ground expeditions like walking tours. During the hour long flight, you will fly up-close to African Hoopoe birds as they make their way to the corn fields below to harvest corn they didn’t plant. Lucky for the owners of the fields, the birds were not a problem as the fields had much more than they could consume.

Among the enchanting sights you will behold is Drakensberg mountains, a UNESCO world heritage site.
 To enable you get a better view of the features below like the scenic rivers, the pilot will stop firing the envelope to allow it cool down. He will equally fired it up whenever he wants you to get better panoramic shots.

The cherry on the cake was beholding the morning sunrise as it awoke to announce the break of beautiful new day. It is so dazzling. It is the kind that makes you feel like honeymoon. It is no wonder many South African honeymooners come for this adventure.



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