How to pimp your car into a wedding chariot

BINGGOOO!!! She has confessed you are the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The excitement is electrifying. You can’t imagine how lucky you are to have her. You can’t help it start preparations to officially put a ring on her finger at your place of worship. However, your joy soon burns out when it dawns on you that your wallet isn’t fat enough to hire fancy cars for the occasion. Worry not, here are some tips on how you can pimp up your personal car for the D-day. By Wedding And Honeymoon Guide Uganda

Take it for servicing
Not all that glitters is gold! In this regard, Brian Kisamba a senior mechanic at MOGAS petrol station Kyaliwajala cautions against being blinded by the outer beauty of a car.

"Looks can be deceptive. From inch to inch, the exterior look of a car could be as reassuring as it should be yet on the inside, it could be a total disaster.” 
 To be on safe side, he recommends that priority should be given to taking the car for thorough road test. Alternatively, if time isn’t on your side, take it for servicing. It could equally help in identifying and fixing any wrecks before hell breaks loose.

According to Brian, the average price for a car service is sh 70,000, and covers for dusting of filters, checking spur plugs, oil levels and the general condition of anything in the bonnet. If you intend to travel over long distances or at night, prioritise on fixing small safety details like the headlamps, indicators, car horn among others. It doesn’t come at an extra cost for most garages.
On the other hand, wheel alignment goes for an average of sh 50,000 also covering for extras related with mobility such as state of breaks and tires.

Basing on his 11 years experience in car repair, Kisamba observes that compared to yard garages, Petrol stations tend to charge a little extra money for their services. However, they are a better option as they delegate professional mechanics for the job. Picture Credit: Deano's Complete

Freshen it with a charming scent 
If the current scent of the car is a turn off probably because it reeks of cigarettes fumes, taking it for dusting can help in restoring its coziness. The process costs an average of 100,000. There are as many as 20 flavours, a good number of which have a fruity or nature inspired scents.

Compared to body sprays and house fresheners, he says most of these have similar scents. However, this doesn’t justify the use of house freshners in cars. Most of them are made of substances that could stain the car interior or eventually turn into funny scents. Picture credit: Ali Express


Rid the car of insects

Like most drivers, there are times you dine in the car or leave snacks in it overnight. In turn, this attracts cockroaches and sometimes rodents. Knowing how restless these insects are, you can’t rule out the possibility that they could crawling their way into your brides dress. Who knows what could happen next, she could panic or become restless at an extremely wrong moment. 
To rid your car of insects, Nasser Tumwebaze of Cotria, a car importing company recommends the following steps. For starters, take off everything where food crumbs usually drop especially floor mats & seat covers. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the car interior considering that it sucks up insects hiding. 

Change sit covers 
If the chairs are dusty enough to ruin the clothes of occupants, you can take them for dusting or washing to undo their smell. If you need of a quick fix, dressing them in new jackets isn't a bad idea. At continental stores like game, leather car seat covers costs an average of $50(roughly 190,000) per set, and normal fabric costs roughly $40(roughly 150,000UGX). The beauty with covers is that using them doesn’t require rocket science. They are very easy to strip on hence no need for extra labour.

If you need for an option that gives ultra-comfort and strong feel of luxury, a massaging car cushion will leave you feeling like you are riding a royal chariot. They give a totally different feel to the ambiance. The cost about $50 per piece. Picture Credit: Top 10 Geeks


Air conditioning
Unlike most days, a wedding day is usually synonymous with over dressing. You could be wearing clothes with as many as three layers. This overheats the body causing sweaty discomforts. Unfortunately, it may not be convenient to draw the windows for fresh air if you are driving on a bumpy or dusty road. To be on a safe side, you can fix the air conditioner if it is faulty. 
Expect to part with about 350,000-900,000 UGX for a technical inspection of all hoses, belts and connections of the air conditioning system. The fee also covers for check for leaks, draining old refrigerant and refilling it. 
If leaks are discovered, it will cost an average of sh 500,000 for minor repairs and sh 2M for major repairs and recharge for luxurious cars. This usually includes replacing parts like hoses, sensors and condenser.
On the other hand, installing air conditioning in a vehicle costs about 2M depending on location and the vehicle's year, make and model.  


Other accessories that give a car a flashy look
Wheel covers:
If you Sporty, sports wheel cover/ caps will give your car a fresh look. Plastic ones go for around sh 5,000 per piece. 
Car coat hanger: It might look a very simple and irrelevant but this accessory helps immensely in keeping your jacket and after party dress wrinkle free. The most suitable is the type clipped onto the seat headrest. It goes for around 50,000 in continental stores.
Auto excel steering wheel desk: This desk which is big enough to fit a full course meal is fitted onto the steering wheel. It can also be used as a workstation and costs about sh30,000.


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