Kibale Primate lodge-Kibale National Park

If wishes were horses, I would stay at this lodge forever, partly for its views. I have been here over 10 times and still not had enough of it, probably because it is its own league as it is a forest park. I mean, if there's anything forest parks are known for, it is how annoyingly difficult it is to see wildlife in them. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are full of gigantic trees and vegetation that obstruct views. Thanks to this lodge's location in the middle of the forest, the case here is different. It is found in what I could describe as a wildlife corridor, along which wildlife pass as they browse through the park in search for food. Among many, these include elephants, buffaloes, forest antelopes. The lodge also boasts of a tree house from which one can catch sight of chimpanzees and monkeys as they go about their usual business.


Planing Basics

Primate lodge has nine spacious and en-suite Luxury Cottages. It's total bed capacity is 22. Its has three receptions, one at the dining room, the other at a that shelter designed for meditation and the third by the camp fire ground. In total, these can host roughly 80 guests. Additional accommodation can be found in Fort Portal.

Rates: For details about primates rates, visit / +256 771 979592

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