Living Waters Resort, reception with Views of River Nile

One of the major reasons why people travel is to free their mind of stress, and this place delivers at every level in this regard thanks to its( views). It is hard to trade for anything under the sun. I am talking about three things. 1. Views of the source of the world's longest river. 2. Views of Africa's biggest freshwater lake, Victoria. 3. Views of one of Uganda's oldest and most welcoming kingdoms, Busoga. The lodge sits at the spot where John Speke stood in August 1858 before declaring Jinja as the source of the Nile. According to history. At the time, the area was still in the wildest state and water used to jet off the ground like a geyser, before starting 6,670 km kilometer journey to the Mediterranean sea. Sadly, the construction of Owen falls dam few kilometers to its downstream has now submerged the river. As such, you can no longer feel its powerfulness until you take a boat ride over its outlet. If you are not that daring though, you can just sit back at the lodge and relax as the Nile's breeze fills you with life.



Planing Basics

This lodge boasts of a garden and spacious restaurant, both of which double as venues for wedding receptions. In can host up to 400 people. On the part of accommodation, it has four self contained cottages.

Rates: Full board rate for double occupancy is $148 and single occupancy is $128. Additional accommodation can be in Jinja town, roughly 20 minutes drive from this lodge. For details, here is the lodge's website

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