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You will love Table Mountain, its good at enchanting senses

Table Mountain National Park has all it takes to enchant all your senses, that is why it attracts over 1M tourists annually. It is nature's beautiful, vast and high in the clouds, away from the bustle of day to day life.  In no exaggeration, it is a dream-come-true destination for honeymoon and vacation.
Due to its expansive size, it is the most prominent landmark of Cape Town, a peaceful South African destination with lots of cozy resorts and tranquil white sand beaches. 
The Mountain's biggest highlight is a five minute cable car ride that starts from its foot leading to its summit.
From atop, you will have unmatched panoramic views of both the Indian and Atlantic oceans and feel their relaxing breeze.
You will also indulge in views of iconic sights such as surrounding mountains and a harbour where ships and luxurious boats dock.
The bonus is a mix of mansions and sky scrapers that have earned Cape Town a special place on the list of the most affluent cities in the World. From a far, they seem rather short. It is until yo have beheld them through a binoculars that you can appreciate their enormous state.  


As the cars gently glide to the station atop the mountain or down, their floor keeps rotating 360 degrees. This enables everyone to enjoy views of the city and surrounding coasts. In addition to being safe and relatively new, each can comfortably accommodate over 20 people. 
At the top, you will find a souvenir shop where you can buy hand made items that are crafted with attention to detail.
Next to the shop is a fully fledged restaurant where you can have a soothing cup of south African coffee as you listen to the soothing calls of birds to which the park is home. Such include Orange breasted Sunbird, Speckled pigeon and Cape Robin-chart. If birdwatching makes you happy, Table Mountain has 33 recorded bird species, most of which are so good at carmouflaging with rocks and vegetation. Tag along with a binoculars for a productive birdwatching excursion. 
 Alternatively, you can carry your own blanket and food if you wish to have a romantic picnic  at one of the many viewing platforms at the ridges. One of the pleasant surprises here is running into dassies, a type or rodent related to an elephant. Funny though, it is over 99 times smaller than an elephant. 
 If you love hiking, Table Mountain is a perfect destination to stretch your muscles. The trails leading to its summit are well maintained and en-route lots of flowery vegetation with enchanting fragrances. The hike is free and takes about two hours for one to ascend and descend over them.
The best time to start hiking is early morning when the sun is still calm. You are advised to carry enough drinking water as there are no shops along the way where you can make purchases. Last minute shopping can be done at a cafe found at the starting point for the cable car. 
If you have limited time, you can pursue the huckleberry trail or Platteklip Gorge route and descend using the cableway car, or vice versa. Both routes dont require prior hiking expertise as they offer a gentle experience.
However if photography tours is what you are after, you will be never forgive yourself for missing hiking to the summit via skeleton gorge. This pathway starts from the back of the mountain at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden to its summit.  
Travel tip
It is easy to book tickets online and there is a good system in place to make the qeue move as fast as possible. 
Don't hesitate to pursue the adventure when it is still sunny. It's a perfect timing for great pictures. Besides, the cable car can be cancelled suddenly in the event of bad weather.
Tag a long with a sweater, it is quite cold at the top. 
How to get to the main entry point for cable car rides
You can take an Uber or bus from Cape Town. While Uber will cost you roughly R90, the bus is R10. 

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