A Sky Dive Into Diani's Paradise

A small town subdues the colossal Indian Ocean. Quickly, the untamed ocean turns into a ‘prince’. Diani, a small town in Kenya is definetly where the ocean goes to relax. Here, it magically turns into sparkly clear waters and lush greenery. Oh yes it does! Suddenly, the 10 kilometer stretch is nothing but white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, coastal reefs, palm-tree forests and fresh air. Located far-east of Kenya, it is a paradise! So much so that World Travel Awards even named it one of the five most beautiful beaches in Africa. Now, beat that!
But you see, to take it all in and have a bird’s view of its unmatched splendor, I would advise you pursue a sky diving challenge with Sky Dive Diani, an aviation agency that offers the adventure all week. Let’s put it this way: the adventure is fun, safe, well organized.

But what is an adventure without an awesome dose of adrenaline rush? Nothing, yeah? The crew at Sky Dive Diani know it and boy do they deliver.

What a jovial crew, positive and abounding with aviation experiences. This team comprising of a pilot, instructors and a photographer will happily welcome you into their world of sky-diving. First, they will calm your nerves, an art they have mastered to help prepare you for when the adrenaline shoots through your body. Indeed, what better way to enable you conquer the adventure, even without prior free-fall experience?

The adventure will start with you being flown to 12,000 feet aboard a powerful Cessna Caravan 208 plane or a twin engine Piper-34 Seneca. Oh, and this will not happen until after you have been briefed by your tandem instructor. Next will be flying at a 500 horse powers, which is piloted by a captain whose experience in handling any possible flight scenario, takes center of the flight. As the plane climbs to higher altitudes, the 15 minute scenic flight will uncover more magic.

Do not fret, before the jump, the instructors will make lots of double checks to ensure everything is not only safe but also comfortable for you. Thereafter, you will make baby steps to the exit point of the plane. Then gently and ever so cautiously, you will be securely attached to the front of your instructor. Boom! Off you go into the dive towards the earth, a diamond like earth that is the avatar of paradise.

Get this: you might not feel your breath at all as you plummet, but again, don’t fret. It is likely that the dose of the overwhelming adrenaline would have gripped you. Folks, the free fall is surreal. It really does take your breath away, literally! Every sense of your body will be awakened as you plunge at a terminal velocity of roughly 120 mph. I am talking a stimulation that leaves you smiling, screaming, laughing and for some crying both happy and scared tears. It is everything!

Oh, it doesn’t get done just like that; there is more.
Even scarier, your ears might experience a bit of pain due to the force of the wind, but that’s the thing. But quickly it wanes off as everything changes for the better at the sight of the pilot whisking out a parachute at 5,000 feet. Soon, he lets you take control of the chords to steer where and how you want to fly. 

Even more awesome is the fact that a photographer is there the whole time to capture it all. I am talking all the wow moments, the magical scenery that peels before you and becomes clearer and clearer. I promise, this is a memory that never leaves. The thought alone, even months later will arouse a gust combination of adrenalin and glee, it doesn’t just go away.

Travel Tip
The tandem jump costs $350 and can be done anytime of the year. Photography on the other hand costs $75, covering for videos as well.

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