Wedding Trends That Are Rocking 2019

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, a reason as to why they deserve the best of trends. Here are themes that are firing up 2019 in Destination Uganda. 

By Solomon Oleny

Cheese Hole Tents
If you wish to dazzle your guests and give them something to remember, the cheese hole tents have a huge "Wow Factor". 
Like most tents, it is made of polyester and supported by flexible aluminium poles. However,  it effortlessly breathes life into the party regardless of whether it is in a beach or garden setting. This is partly because it is made of stretch material with holes. While their top style is defined by a Square Centre-pole, their shape reflects one of the three most important things in life, FREEDOM! 

The average market price for these spectacular style tents ranges between 1.5M UGX-6M UGX depending on its sitting capacity. Picture credit: JPEG Bridal Photography


Weddings are purposed to celebrate romance. In this regard, a cozy atmosphere is always a win when decorating for a wedding. This explains why the decor of most wedding venues are being themed along brighter, richer and bolder colors. If you want something more delightful in comparison with the traditional shades of pink, orange, yellow and red, you can't go wrong with muted tones especially Silver Sage. For a more fairy-tale outlook, you can pair it with neutral earthy tones such as light brown, taupe, dove grey and beige. This color combination is easy to work with because it is harmonious with most of the floral, linen and attire choices. 

If you have a weakness for pink but want something more elegant, Dusty Orange will brighten your day with its unique feel. However, if you desire for something fresh and more relaxed, sunny yelllow won't dissapoint you as it is a bold color that will be memorable for years to come. Picture credit for above picture: Showmeyourmumu


Black Wedding Cake

Once upon a time, it was a must for wedding cakes to be white. But baby, how far we’ve come. This year is so far past the simple white wedding cake considering that cakes are not just food, they’re also art. Black wedding cakes are taking things a notch higher with their feather-like texture, handmade elements, color and details. Well, they will turn your mouth black for a moment but who cares, they are so damn pretty. Most impontantly, they hit the taste buds right where you want it to. No matter the size you opt for, keep it classy. 

All said, if you are still have a weakness for white cakes because black colours are associated with doom. You can make your white cake the talk of town for months by hand painting with elaborate sugar flowers or colours of traditional regalia like handmade mats and pots. There are lots of color combos and flavors to choose from and they make for one epic tiered cake!              Picture credit: Above-Chic Vintage Brides Below-JPEG Bridal Photography Kampala

Honeymoon Destinations
Cape Town has all it takes to awaken all your senses, that is why it attracts over 1M tourists annually. It is nature's beautiful, vast and high in the clouds, away from the bustle of day to day life.  In no exaggeration, this peaceful South African destination is a dream-come-true destination for honeymoon and vacation.

If you are looking for a honeymoon getaway that delivers at all levels, this gem will make your dream come true with--its endless list of sensational adventures, waterfront resorts and tranquil white sand beaches. Here are some that can't be missed...

Wedding Dresses
Following Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry last year, beautiful Givenchy bridal gowns ruled 2018 with an iron fist. However, as you read this, classic bridal archetypes are getting an overhaul, as is Victorian-inspired everything. This year, old world is new again but in a more unforgettable form highlighted by fresh embellishments and large doses of color. Bridal and Couture has stepped back in time to periods of courtly dress, complete with unusual statement details that pick a punch. This includes large pleated ruffs and ultra-high necklines. Such details are synonymous with the style of Marie Antoinette(wife to Napoloean Bonaparte who was overthrown during the French revolution- April 1814). One of the shops with the latest stocks in this regard is Kampala's Bridal World

Hairstyle for the bride
Arguably, unless she is born of a royal lineage, there is only one day she can be a real Queen.....her Wedding wedding day. That's exactly why royal hairstyles are still rocking the aisle. The only difference is that this year brides have taken things to the next level by taking on a super polished way as opposed to the conservative styles. The efforts pay off with an effortless, feminine and classically chic outlook. 

Simply put, there’s no denying that Meghan Markle effect is still powerful, probably because its not fussy. The best part of the story is that its easy to pull off. All you have to do is pull back the middle part of your hair and leave the soft tendrils to frame your face. Picture Credit: Tana Maras

Venues: Destination Weddings
Fast forward, destination weddings serve the same purpose as normal wedding except that they are much more enchanting. Its when a couple opts to have their wedding at a holiday getaway from home. A destination wedding could also mean one of the parties leaving their country to have the wedding in their spouse’s country of origin.
While this trend has been around for a long time, it wasn't until 2016 that a couple of Ugandans started to embrace it. This was upon the realisation that it's not as expensive as it looks.  It is more cost-effective than a traditional wedding considering that it requires a reception venue that can double as a setting for both the religious part of the wedding and the after party. Because it entails travelling, guests are few because not everyone can afford to travel to a distant place.

Today, Destination weddings have become the in-thing among couples who want a small and intimate function at an exotic place. If you love travelling and want unique photos at your favourite beach or national park with a warm atmosphere, this trend deserves a top place on your I-do list. Here is a list of top ugandan venues in Uganda with astonishing views for destination wedding. Picture credit: Emily Ward

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