Horseback riding along the shores of River Nile

You will love every minute of this two-hour tour that takes place in the countryside that is free of pollution, in Jinja-Uganda’s adventure capital. The horses look beautiful, happy and healthy—thanks to the ample dedication by the team at Nile Horseback safaris. As such, they are they are always in shape for a fun ride.

The horses will be selected for you in accordance to your level of strength in riding, from beginner to advanced. The guides will ride alongside to ensure that both you and the horse is comfortable. This minimizes the possibility of them pushing you to the limit, thereby making you feel at peace. You will stopover as many times as you wish to take pictures and soak in the breathtaking scenery along the shores of River Nile. As you ride through the villages, you will be treated to warm welcomes by locals who will happily wave at you.

If you wish to canter or trot a little longer, there are perfect stretches towards the end. Here, you can ride at your own pace without feeling pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with. 


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