F) You will love Malakai Eco Lodge at first sight

By Solomon Oleny
I am in love!!! Nay, the object of my desire is not a lady. It is Malakai Eco Lodge- a romantic gem in Entebbe with fairy-tale feel. Not only does it owe its name to the Malakai bird, it also takes on its character and stunning beauty.
Its cottages look conventional on the outside yet so full of life and colour on the inside. Its rustic pieces of furniture were creatively crafted. It's walls on the other hand were fashioned out of locally available materials. I love the way its bathrooms are so cozy and relaxing. 
Like most folks, the extended family I come from comprises of people with different tastes, preferences and character. There are those who are deeply rooted into eco-friendly themes, those who are flashy and all bling-bling, then those who are open minded. This calls for a getaway that doesn't compromise on any of the above when family reunions come into the picture. And that’s exactly what keeps us coming back to this place, there is something for everyone in terms of architectural design. In total, there 14 cottages all of which have fascinating contrasts. While their architectural designs are not pegged to any century, their elements are built in a free style manner. In turn, this doubles their vibe as a honeymoon getaway. To be exact, one with a rich blend of cultures.
For the nature lover in need for a forest kind of home, the volcanic huts will blow you away. It is in a quiet hut surrounded by green vegetation. Its porous walls are an assembly of solid volcanic ash from Mghahinga National Park, located at the borders of Rwanda and Uganda. 
Alternatively, you can stay at the tree house that is enclosed from the external world by canvass. It is surrounded by a pond that has a rich concentration of fresh-water fish species. At it's veranda you will find a swinging bed where you can relax with your loved one as you listen to sweet tweets of resident weaver birds. It costs $150 for Non East African residents and Ugx 350,000 for residents. The other cottages too are in the same price range.
For the honeymooners, there is the butterfly cottage, a lavish structure built with exceptional style and grace. It features an incredible mix of ancestral legacy and modern times. Sleeping in it will make you feel feel like taking a real journey back into the Africa that existed before the coming of the white man. It is warm and inviting. I highly recommend this cottage for family travelers. Right before it is a spacious play arena for children. It is adjacent to a lush swamp vegetation dominated by palm trees. 
If you wish to build some muscles or cut some weight, a fully stocked gym awaits you at Malakai. After working out, you can head out for a swim at a family size pool. This experience doesn't comes at no extra cost.
On the other hand, the dinner and open air restaurant are spacious. For folks who desire outdoor dining, there is an alternative gazebo surrounded by a pond of clear water that flows with fish.
  The bonus is camp fire arena with comfy chairs, a perfect place to bond  with one another and make memories.
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Entebbe, Uganda