I) Apoka Safari Lodge-Kidepo Valley National Park



God didn't rush when it came to creating views for the massive rock atop which this lodge sits. He also took things nice and slow, offering attention to detail when creating the different features around it, the valleys, the mountains and the open savannah. The result of this dedication is an elevation that offers an electrifying view. Regardless of the time you visit this lodge, you are almost guaranteed of seeing all the cats to which Kidepo National Park is home; lions, leopards, cheetahs.... This is partly because they have all species of foods a predator can ever dream of. Over 100 kobs, 200 toppi..

Kidepo is found at within walking distance from Uganda's borders with Kenya and Sudan. The park prides its self in having the biggest population of the buffaloes in East Africa, over 10,000. Watching them traffic from one side of the park to the other is like watching a migration of sorts. Full story coming up in the January-February edition of this blog.

Planing Basics
Apoka can comfortable accommodate 40 guests. It has 10 spacious rooms/cottages. Total bed capacity is 25.
Rates. Twin rooms; $585 and $380 per person in high peak season(full board).
Single rooms;$760 and $495 per person in high peak season and low peak season respectively. Additional accommodation can be found surrounding lodges. For details, visit weddingguideuganda@gmail.com / +256 771 979592


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