A) Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach (Kenya White sand beach)

Few months back, Diani Beach was voted as Africa's best Beach destination by the World Travel Awards. Going by the delightful encounters I had during my five day stay at Jacaranda Indian Beach Resort—one of the hotels here, I can’t agree more.

The five days holiday I had here was not enough. The property is large..... 75 Rooms with Garden Views and two dining settings, one overlooking the swimming, the other by the beach under swaying palm trees. In between them is a gathering of massive baobab trees. 


In the interest of offering guests ample privacy, the rooms take on the shape of cottages. As such, staying in them feels like you are staying in your own little house. Each cottage is self-contained with a washroom that is modern and clean. Thanks to its crepuscula light, it’s a cozy and warm ambiance that effortlessly relaxes the mind. 


On realizing I am mad about sunrises, I was given the room with epic vantage views of in this regard. Right next to my room was a tree full of weaver birds and their beautiful dangling nests.


My nights were nothing short of breathtaking. The room’s ventilation is just perfect enough to allow the refreshing breeze of the ocean sooth you. Better still; the room had a heater to warm it up in instances where it got cold. So comfy!!


blue beauty

Like my unit, the other cottages too had luxuriant views of the Indian Ocean’s bluest clear water and its glaring white sand beach. Great for children as the water stays shallow for less than 200 metres. I loved it, its (water) temperature was perfect and there were plenty of things to do; surf lessons, kayaking, stand up and paddle board. The best part is that none of these required prior experience or swimming skills. Whether you are a beginner looking forward to learning or a pro in quest for fun, the guides here have you covered. Throughout the excursion, they are reassuring and always paying key attention to your safety. The swim in the ocean was great, but not as desirable as the one in the swimming pool as its water is not salty.

ride on the beach

Walking the shores of this beach is something to do before you die. Its sand is powder soft and its breeze, life giving. Its scenery is familiar as it has starred in pictures and videos of many weddings it has hosted over the last three years.

On the whole, the moment that saw me drop my jaws the most was the welcome on the first door. The distance between the hotels main gate and its reception is about two minutes’ drive. The closer I approached the reception, the louder I could hear a festival like performance. I thought it was gracing some ongoing wedding further inside the premises. To my surprise, it was my welcome performance, a traditional coastal performance—as done by a dance troupe cladded in robes of beautiful flowers and Arabic outfit. Before I could think things through, I was handed freshly harvested coconut and warm welcome-home-hugs. I was speechless.



On the whole, my experience was satisfactory. The chef prepared food with a motherly touch, the caretakers were jovial, attentive and always wanting to please.



beach side

For that, I can’t help it highly recommend this place. Five stars across the board

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