Rwakobo Rock Lodge(Pictures by Emily Ward)

When humans are overwhelmed by something exceptionally good/extra ordinary, two things could happen.1. Their jaws could drop in awe, probably in disbelief. 2.Their hands could instantly reach out for their cameras/phones to capture the moment. Whenever I visit this family run Eco-friendly lodge, I lose count of the number of people who do both, probably because I equally get carried away by its views. I am talking about unobstructed views  of a majestic Lake Mburo National Park and its healthy concentration of herbivores, especially zebras, toppi, buffaloes, warthogs, impalas, bush-bucks....the list goes on. What more could one ask for?

Planing Basics
Rwakobo's reception can accommodate 70 guests. It has eighteen units (9 cottages, 5 rooms, a 2 bedroom house and 3 safari tents) with a bed capacity of 45 guests. Additional accommodation can be found at surrounding lodges in the park. For inquiries about rates, visit / +256 771 979592

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