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Why Advertise With Us!

Travel & Honeymoon Guide is Uganda’s beautiful, modern and smart travel magazine with international allure, eye-catching photography and content that helps Uganda’s affluent class in making informed decisions on where to travel for business, family holidays and honeymoon.

  • Published on a bimonthly basis, Travel & Honeymoon Guide delights, informs and entertains its readers. Thanks to its distinctive African feel, its ability to attract repetitive readers is limitless.
  • The premium is leading travel and holiday advisory in its own right. From cover to cover, it features top-quality content that is focused on bring Africa to Uganda, and Uganda to Africa. This is achieved by presenting the ‘here and now’, while also looking forward to what the future holds. It is about the rich and colourful heritage we are so proud of.
  • Travel & Honeymoon Guide is an open invitation to discover the region’s first-choice leisure, honeymoon and business destinations.


What makes us tick?

We offer an integrated marketing and sales approach that has a personal touch. For instance, rather than just drop our magazines at the right places hoping the target client will someday pick it. We ensure to deliver for each reader their copy in person. This not only ensures that the magazines don’t go to waste, but also provides room to attend to inquiries of clients.

In an effort to achieve maximum outreach, we have a long-term partnership with high end associations of businessmen and associations. Such includes the Uganda Law Society (has a membership of over 5,100 active members), Rotary Clubs of Kampala (over 8,000 active members),

We believe that wowing your target client through our magazines isn’t enough, that’s why we are always happy to help them plan their trips through a 24/7 call center through which their inquiries are addressed.

Through our partnership with high end events, it is possible for you to come and exhibit your product to Uganda’s affluent class, at least 83% of who already have an established travel culture. This includes but is not limited to Jazz with Isaiah Katumwa, Annual Golf Tournament, Blankets and Wine.